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Parent Taught Driver Education Texas

We have all heard the ads on the radio and watched the public service announcements on TV. Texting + Driving = Destroyed Lives. Statistics show that a driver that engages in a text message conversation while behind the wheel is more than twice as likely to be the cause of a collision. Everyone says that they are different; they only check their phone when it is safe but this can’t be the case as collisions caused by distractions keep increasing. It is the responsibility of every licensed driver as taught in www.parenttaughtdriversedtexas.com to teens to put the phone down while in control of a weapon on wheels.

Think about it for a minute. When you drive a 2000 pound vehicle at 10 mph you could easily kill someone that you hit. There are defiantly many variables to the injuries afflicted but the point is the same, driving is a big responsibility that is to be taken seriously at all times by each and every driver on the road.

While all of this is true, sending or reading a text message on you cell phone is only one of the many distractions we face as drivers. Things as simple as changing the station on the radio, a dog climbing around the car or carrying on a conversation with your passengers are among the other distractions. To be the best drivers we can to keep everyone safe on our roads we must know about all of the distractions and other obstacles we face.

Education is the key to knowledge but how can you receive an education about driver safety, parent-taught drivers ed, driving responsibilities and the dangers of the road? By taking an adult drivers ed course you can insure that you are as prepared as possible to get behind the wheel.

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